2008/4/6 koosoleku protokoll

St. Peter’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Toronto

Council Meeting, April 6, 2008




Members present: Refer attached SIGN IN sheet – / 48 present.


Minutes recorded by: Kairi Taul Hemingway

  1. Opening

Olev Maimets called the meeting to order at 12:25pm and Rev. A. Tuhkru said the opening prayer.

  1. Agenda

Motion to accept current meeting agenda #729: Peeter Poldre

Seconded by: Liivia Kangsepp

All in favour, carried.

  1. Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Previous Coucil meeting minutes #724 were distributed and individually reviewed.

Motion to accept minutes: Anne Leius

Seconded by: Naani

All in favour, carried.

  1. Financials:
  • Olev summarized results of internal audit – letter not available to be read out. (attached to minutes)
  • Leena reviewed attached documents: (please have all documents numbered for easy reference in future)  All documents contain the same financial details / information, so Leena worked off the summary version for financial review with Council.

Questions / Comments:

  • Did Consistoorium cover any of the Archbishop Inauguration costs? – St. Peter’s volunteered a contribution of $500.00.  Yes, Consistorium did cover the inauguration.  St. Andrew’s Church has yet to make a contribution.
  • Does Ivi make copies of song sheets, or are these sent out to be printed? – The song sheet cover is purchased and Ivi is responsible for copying the information within.  Song sheets for larger services ( for example Confirmation) are sent out to be printed.  ADDITION TO MINUTES: Per Ivi, the Christmas song sheets are NOT sent out to be printed. (as was stated in the original minutes.)
  • What work has been done on the manse? – Budget was approved by Executive for work on garage, pipes and windows.
  • Were new kitchen cabinets put in and drive way cut out completed? – no
  • How many niches left available – approximately 18

ACTION ITEM: Leena to check with Ivi on how many niches left ADDITION TO MINUTES: Per Ivi there are 30 niches.

  • Eesti Kirik is still in production; however talks are with Eesti Elu (per Naani H.) so the budgeted $250.00 can go back to the church.
  • Confirmation picture framing is expensive – suggestion that all pictures be printed in same size.  With digital camera imaging this should not be a problem. 

ACTION ITEM: Aino Mullerbeck needs to let Executive know what size to develop the confirmation group photo.

  • What is meant by “events expense” – this is for events not organized by the Ladies Guild.  ADDITION TO MINUTES: Per Ivi, this is incorrect – Events Expenses are those that go through the church books – ie. Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas
  • Are the choirs who perform in services compensated? – No, but we provide honorariums to individual performers.
  • In response to comment about 2.5% budgeted increase to salaries for: Rev. A. Taul, Rev. A. Tuhkru, Ivi Sauments and Rosemarie Lindau: question was asked about any pension rules from the Synod.

ACTION ITEM: Leena will research this.

  • A. Mullerbeck has indicated that the expenses submitted from the “Archives” will be larger than budgeted for.  No specific financial details provided.
  • Specific to “balanced budget” – Question from floor – how do we (Executive) plan to find $85,000.00) to help balance?  Response: not for Executive alone to manage this! We need the support of our Council.  Suggestions from Council:
    • Give out envelopes to Confirmation group and explain what they are for prior to their confirmation.
    • Go back x amount of years to re-issue envelopes for ‘younger’ generation who may have never received or knew what to do with the envelopes.
    • Have envelopes more visibly displayed in church during service

General feedback from Council was that they appreciated the ‘balanced budge’ realistic approach to managing the Church’ financial future.


Motion to accept financial reports: Jaan Reitav

Seconded by: Peeter Poldre

All in favour, carried.

  • Suggestion to have donation fundraiser to support cost of organ repairs/maintenance.  Commemorative name plaque based on donations. 

Motion to accept ORGAN fundraiser idea: Aino Mullerbeck

Seconded by: Talvi Maimets

All in favour, carried.

  1. Review of Executive’s work – Olev Maimets
    • discussed the Action Item list
    • re-introduced the web page
    • explained Executive’s use of e-mail as primary mode of internal communication – Olev distributed current Council contact list to have e-mail address’ added/updated.

Olev soliticted feedback on the ‘pledged donations’ letter sent out at Christmas 2007:

  • Upset that names were ‘threatened’ to be taken off the list – Olev clarified that names are not being taken off, rather moved from active to passive.

Olev solicited feedback on the distribution of ELU.  This was preceded by Peeter Poldre explaining the process involved in the distribution of ELU in 2007/2008.

  • Approximately 250 were still mailed out at a cost of just under $3.00 each in postage
  • Saved on the amount of envelopes, as books were distributed directly in church.
  • Feedback from Council was positive and supportive that this was a good way to distribute and similar process was used in previous years. Much simpler than relying on people to independently go to office or elsewhere through a box to find their copy.
  • Suggestion that Tax Receipts, as long as they are in sealed envelopes, can also be distributed in similar manner to save on postage.  They will need to be available 3 weeks ahead of time and if not picked up in that time, will then be mailed out.  ADDITION TO MINUTES: Ivi has commented that “I already did this in February – 100 were handed out in person. If ‘you’ (Council) wish to have them 3 weeks in advance then assistance is required to stamp the receipts, stuff them in envelopes and seal them.  It took me 1.5 weeks to prepare tax receipts for mailing (with no help provided).  Also, it is dependent on when Audit takes place.”

Motion to accept new distribution method for tax receipts: Leena Liivet

Seconded by: Olev Maimets

All in favour, carried.


Olev solicited feedback on how to reduce budget for ELU, if at all, without sacrificing quality of the ELU.

  • Positive response by many to help reduce cost and volume of information, but not ‘quality’ – hard to define quality (to each person, quality may be something different)
  • Reminder that 2008 commemorates the 50a for Cantate Domino & 60a for the Congregation
  • Change from colour to b/w photos
  • Ensure font stays same size for easy reading
  • paper quality could be reduced
  • include reminder in ELU for donations towards supporting its cost

Motion to accept that Executive has support of Council to looking to reduce cost associated with printing the ELU: Olev Maimets

Seconded by: A. Mullerbeck

1 against

Remainder in favour, carried.

  1. Maintenance

Toomas Trei not present to review details; however, Olev read out e-mail from Toomas (attached) addressing:

  • Olev discussed potentially large expense involved in potential repair of church boundary foundations against leakage.  Ask Juhan Laanes about what work may have been done previously.  Suggestion to create awning for snow coverage around church.
  • Olev indicated that money is in budget to have the Columbarium and niche wall looked at / repaired if necessary.  Council very relieved to hear this.
  1. Ministers’ Review
  • Postponed to Assembly meeting on the 20th when both ministers will be present.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Assembly meeting on April 20, 2008
  • Mother’s Day Brunch (May 11th) – need 10-15 men to be available to help out.

ACTION ITEM: men in the Executive to call out to men in the Assembly

  1. Questions from the floor.
  • St. Andrew’s Church has its service details on Eesti Elu website, why not us? – Leena indicated that per our recent Executive meeting, we will be adding our information there as well.  Anne Keelman has volunteered assistance to see this through.
  • Suggestion from Council to set up Facebook page for youth to be more aware of Church events.

ACTION ITEM: Olev will talk to Kaili Maimets – maybe she can help set this up.

  • What are the plans for Congregation 60a. in August? (usually held in September due to summer)
  • Any further news on elevator for church? – Olev indicated that he has spoken with G. Laikve about this.  Other people previously involved include Hr. Kalmer (?)

ACTION ITEM: Olev will follow up with G. Laikve to have him come into church in addition to reviewing church drawings

  • What plans in place for next visiting minister?
  • Can the Estonian flag in church be replaced? (old/ threadbare) – Answer was that no, this belongs to Soomepoisid….
  • Request to clean the Soomepoiste memorial plaque in the church

Meeting finished at 2:35pm