2007/11/11 koosoleku protokoll

St. Peter’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Toronto

Council Meeting, November 11, 2007


Members present: Refer attached SIGN IN sheet – 21 / 48 present.

Minutes recorded by: Kairi Taul Hemingway

  1. Opening

Olev Maimets called the meeting to order at 12:35pm and Rev. A. Tuhkru said the opening prayer.

  1. Agenda

Motion to accept current meeting agenda #724: A. Mullerbeck

Seconded by: Talvi Maimets.

All in favour, carried.

  1. Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Olev Maimets summarized previous Coucil meeting minutes – copies not available for distribution.

Motion to accept minutes: Liivia Kangsepp

Seconded by: Mihkel Holmberg

All in favour, carried.

  1. Inspection Report

Toomas reviewed:

  • Water drainage on side of building taken care of

  • Lighting throughout church, except in main part of church itself has been fixed.

  • Basement lights and front foyer lights replaced

  • Gate and sewer grate done

  • Looking into cost of large garbage bins

  • Leaves will be cleaned from eaves soon – once more leaves have fallen

  • Caretaker Johnny with his wife and kids are doing a good job – no complaints

  • Snow removal will cost approx. $75.00 and will be done before 9:00am each Sunday

  1. Financials

Leena reviewed attached Statement of Income and Expenses:

  • Explained new format with columns showing previous year’s activity at same time for easy comparison

  • Less money in due to contribution amounts possibly being less – deficit greater than last year.

  • Expenses have been 2% higher; however, we still have funds in budget

  • Last year, at this time, only 7 Assembly members had not paid registration fees – whereas this year, we’re currently at 17 unpaid – this goes against our POHISEADUSED

    • ACTION ITEM: Leena will prepare letter to Assembly members reminding them to pay their registration fees.

  • Suggestion to increase cost of registration from $125.00 to $150.00. To be reviewed at next Assembly meeting.

Questions from Council:

  • Has the work at the manse been completed – no

  • Why is there more money left under Youth Work this year, compared with last year? – G. Stulov no longer with Sunday School teaching music.

  • Suggestion from V. Keelman – phone call to all Assembly members to pay their registration costs.

  1. Miscellaneous

Proposed April 2nd, 2007 for next Council meeting – this changed to Sunday March 30th following service.

Proposed April 6th, 2007 for next Assembly meeting – accepted

Peeter Poldre reviewed process for distribution of “ELU” – copies will be distributed personally in church and names will be removed from list once ELU distributed. List is being prepared from names of those who paid registration fees last year. This process will be explained in “TÕE TERA”

  1. Questions from the floor.

  • When will “ELU” be available for distribution – November

  • Will registration fee go up next year – proposal to increase from $125.00 to $150.00 will be introduced in next Assembly meeting.

  • Get a microphone for next meeting to ensure Executive can be heard – Kalju will help set this up

  • A. Mullerbeck expressed frustrations in being alone for her Service Committee – how will Executive handle? – Explained that lists are mailed out so that everyone knows when it’s their turn – this is an ongoing problem. Suggestion made for head person to report back to Executive who was not present for their duty.

  • Can someone NOT on the Assembly assist during the service with collection?

    • ACTION ITEM: Kairi will research.

  • Who provides flowers for services? – Peeter Poldre answered that his wife does together with Norma Kasiloo for English Sector. During summer months, the caretaker is responsible

Meeting closed at 1:40pm with Lord’s Prayer lead by Jaan Reitav.