2007/04/15 Täiskogu koosoleku protokoll

St. Peter’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Toronto

Voters’ Assembly Meeting, April 15, 2007 at 12:15 o’clock


Present: 65 members of the congregation. 

Chaired by:  Maret Truuvert

Minutes recorded by secretary: Nelly Nosella.


1. Opening Prayer

     The opening prayer was said by Rev. A. Taul.

2.  Approval of the Agenda

1Motion to accept the agenda as is:  N. Holsmer.  Seconded by: A. Müllerbeck.  All in favour, carried.

3.  Previous Minutes

M. Truuvert asked for the nomination of three people who attended the previous Voters’ Assembly meeting on Sunday, January 21st, 2007 and who could verify the minutes.  In addition to the secretary and the chairman, two people will sign the minutes.

Nominated were: Ene Tamm, Linda Leppik, Aino Müllerbeck.

The above three consented to be nominated and nominations were closed. 

2  Motion to accept all the nominees: N. Nosella.  All in favour, carried.

4.  Reverend Taul’s Report

Rev. Taul gave a summary for the 2006 calendar year.  He pointed out that of the 72 funerals that he presided over, 28 of them were non-congregation members.  He explained that Pastors retain a certain jurisdiction and people need to remember that if you are married in a church then you are choosing to enter into that church.  Since the moment he was elected as Bishop he has been invited to everyone else’s church to oversee marriages, funerals, etc.  Even though this is a compliment to him, Rev. Taul will no longer perform services outside his jurisdiction (St. Peter’s Church congregation members) since he does not have the time to accept every invitation, and doing so takes work away from the other Pastors.  In addition, he suggested that St. Peter’s set a fee of $200-$500 for services requested by non-congregation members.

There are 15 Confirmants this year and 28 confirmation classes were held.  Rev. Taul reminded everyone that parents of Confirmants are expected to attend church services with their children during the year.



5.  Treasurer’s Report

     L. Liivet reviewed the summarized 2006 Profit and Loss Statement.  She explained that the auditor requires that we now show depreciation on our financial statements. 

Q.  What were the capital expenses?

A.  The removal of the oil tank at the manse and replacing it with a natural gas heating system.  Also, the repair of the flat roof over the church apartment.             

3  Motion to accept the 2006 Profit and Loss Statement: H. Salumets.  Seconded by: E. Kängsepp.   All in favour, carried.

6.  2007 Budget

     L. Liivet reviewed reviewed the 2007 Budget.  She explained that the figures are based, largely, on the actual numbers from the 2006 statements.

A comment was made that we should be advertising the sale of niches in order to sell more.  Ivi Saumets answered that enough people know about it and that it was not necessary.

Q.  Why isn’t depreciation shown in the budget?

A.  Someone answered that it is not known and is calculated at the end of the period.

Q.  What about the English section’s anniversary celebration?

A.  An amount has been allotted for this, but it does not appear on this summarized report.

Q.  Who will cover the costs associated with the ceremony on Sunday, June 10th, 2007?

A.  St. Peter’s will pay $500, St. Andrew’s will pay $500 and the remaining costs will be covered by the Consistory.

T. Roiser-Choroweic requested that next time the expanded Quick Books version of the statements be available for everyone, as well as the auditor’s report.

4 Motion to accept the 2007 Budget: H. Sooaru.  Seconded by: A. Leius.   All in favour, carried.

M. Truuvert asked for the nomination of four individuals as internal audit committee members.

Nominated were: J. Arro, E. Marten, N. Hubel, E. Krunge.

The above four consented to be nominated and nominations were closed. 

5  Motion to accept the above four nominees as the internal audit committee members: L. Greenbaum.  Seconded by: A. Müllerbeck.   All in favour, carried.

M. Truuvert added that this year’s internal audit committee praised Ivi Saumets’ hard work in keeping well organized and concise record of all financial activities.


7.  2007-2009 Church Council Elections

M. Truuvert asked for nominees to count votes in the event that more than 50 candidates are put forward. 

Nominated were: Jaan Reitav, Peter Põldre, Uno Roose.

The above three consented to be nominated and nominations were closed.  All were in favour. 

M. Truuvert read the names of the people willing to be re-elected and gave the names of the new candidates.  She asked if there were any more names to add to the list.  There were none.

E. Käärman advised that he had crossed his name off ‘the list’ at the last church council meeting since he waited for someone to ask whether he was willing to be re-elected and no one asked him.  M. Truuvert explained that she did not telephone to ask everyone individually.  She had announced at the church council meeting on Thursday night that, unless she had been advised otherwise, she was assuming that current church council members were willing to be re-elected (which included Mr. Käärman).

There are 48 church council candidates, and the list of nominees was acclaimed.

6  Motion to accept the list of 48 nominees for the 2007-2009 Church Council: T. Maimets.  Seconded by: E. Tamm.   All in favour, carried.

8.  Committee Reports

i.        J. Reitav reported on the Sunday School activities.

ii.      L. Pajur read her 2006 report for the Ladies’ Guild. 

iii.    A. Müllerbeck read her report for the St. Peter’s Church Archive.

iv.   P. Robison reported on the Cantate Domino activities.

v.     P. Põldre read the English section Annual Report 2006.

vi.   K. Kaur reported on the Seniors’ Visitations (the Elektro-Club has been disbanded).

     (See the attached reports)    


9.  New Business


10.     Miscellaneous

To help with preparing the new ushering schedule, P. Põldre asked church council members to let him know about any preferences they may have.

T. Maimets informed that O. Maimets is looking for volunteers to help with the Mother’s Day luncheon.  Volunteers can speak with her after the meeting.   

M. Truuvert announced that in order to elect the new Executive there will be a short Church Council meeting next Sunday (April 22nd, 2007) at 12:15 o’clock.


11.  Closing Prayer and Adjournment

     Closing prayer was led by J. Reitav.  The meeting was adjourned at 13:25 o’clock.